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What are people saying about EduCare?

"My favorite thing is the love and enthusiasm the teachers have for every child at EduCare.” - Megan

“My son is doing so well at Kindergarten that his teacher asked where he went to preschool so she could refer other kids!” - Becky

I love coming to EduCare because we don't just sit around, we have a whole bunch of fun!"  Hailey - age 11"

"There's not just one thing I love about EduCare, it's everything... I love the friendly environment and how well the staff work with my family, it's just good stuff. Lily (age 3) always looks forward to coming. I feel like my baby's teacher is very caring. She looks forward to seeing my daughter every day and makes me feel good when I drop her off."  - Barbara

“My daughter loves EduCare so much that she thinks the teachers are part of her family.” - Rusty

“I love the lunches at EduCare!” - Grace - 6 yrs old

"Clayton has really enjoyed this summer at EduCare and is excited to go every day. You ladies do a great job and we really appreciate it!" - Nicole

"Our daughter has learned so much at EduCare and she has become even more social. We love the songs she comes home singing. With my older children, I never wanted them in daycare because I never felt like I could trust them. We love her being at EduCare."

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