​                Laurie, Owner & Director
              • Bachelor in Business Admin / Accounting                 & Psychology
              • Master Degree in Early Childhood Education
              •14 years of business experience
              • 8+ years of child care experience
"I love working with the kids at EduCare. The best thing that happens to me everyday is when I walk into a room and the kids run up to give me hugs."
​              Alondra, Blue Room Assistant Teacher
            • I am originally from Michigan 
            • I enjoy being outdoors
            • I like to read.
           ​ • I have 1 rescue cat and 2 rescue dogs.
​            "I enjoy working with kids because they're so much fun, and I love watching them learn and grow." 
Our Staff
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​             Alex, Blue Room Lead Teacher & Opening              Supervisor
              • I have a Child Development Associate
              • I love to bake cupcakes
              • I have two dogs
              • I am currently getting my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education
"I enjoy being the person that molds young minds for their future."
​              Kelly, Assistant Director 
              • 11 years of experience in Early Childhood  
              • Master degree in Early Childhood Education from                 the University of Montana
              • Originally from from Massachusetts
​              • I have one daughter. 
"I love working at EduCare because I'm always surrounded by individuals who truly love working with children in a positive child friendly environment."
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​              Tacey, Orange Room Lead Teacher 
              • I got married in September 2016.
              • I have six tarantulas, a dog, and a cat
              • I have two daughters 
              • I attended college at the University of                                 Montana. 
"I enjoy working with children and seeing the light bulb go off when they have discovered something new."
​               Danielle, Red Room Lead Teacher
              • I have a dog named Snow White
              • I love to travel, and have been as far as Africa
              • I have 2 siblings
              • I have a Child Development Associate specializing                 in infants and toddlers. 
​"I want to be the person that makes a difference in a child's life."
​                Lauren, Purple Room Lead Teacher
              • I have a dog named Kimber
              • I am from Great Falls
              • I love Pizza
              • I have a daughter named Geneh.
"I love working with kids because you get to see them learn and grow."
​              Kimberly, Yellow Room Lead Teacher 
            •  I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design
            • I love to run trails
            • I built a tiny house with help from my dad
            •I like to cook, bike, knit, and quilt during my                    free time
​"I enjoy watching children grow, and learn something new everyday."
​              Tawny, Green Room Assistant Teacher 
              • I was born in Oregon
              • Single mom of 2 girls - 9 and 3. 
              • I love everything pink! 
                "EduCare is a great place to work where children                  learn & grow."
​              Cheryl, Chef 
            • My favorite food is peanut butter
            • I love Montana
            • I have a daughter, Alix. She is attending MSU
           ​ • My favorite color is red
​"I like working in childcare because of my level of expertise, I feel I can make an impact on healthier meals for children."
Our Staff
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​              Ashley, Green Room Lead Teacher
            • I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada
            • I am married with 1 kid
            • I have 3 years of experience
            • I have 2 siblings
​"I love working with kids because everyone needs that one person in life to look up to."
              Cadie, Red Room Assistant Teacher
            • I love dogs
            • I have a lot of family
            • I love kids
“           "I like working with children because I like helping                 people and families”​

​              Katie,  Assistant Teacher
            • I started a fundraiser and donated $1,000 to children                cancer patients
            • I really like animals
            • I'm only 4'8"
           ​ • I love movies and TV shows
​"I enjoy working with kids because I like making an impact in a child's life and it challenges me.
​              Nancy,  Assistant Teacher
            • I've been working in child care for 30 years.
            • I love to garden.
            • My favorite color is blue.
           ​ • I like to read.
​"I enjoy working with kids because I want to make a difference in their lives."
​              Tammy,  Assistant Teacher
            • My favorite color is silver.
            • I love hearts.
            • I was born and raised in Butte.
           ​ • I have 4 daughters.
​"I enjoy working with kids because I like to see them smile."
​              Mary, Yellow Room Assistant Teacher
            • I was born in the Philippians
            • I lived in Hawaii
            • I have been a caregiver for 20 years
           ​ • I love dogs
​            "I enjoy working with kids because I've been doing it for years, and it's my favorite thing to do."
​              Marisa, Assistant Teacher
            • I have 4 kids.
            • My favorite color is pink.
            • I like to hunt.
           ​ • My favorite food is nachos. 
​"I enjoy working with kids because I like to see them learn."